MaKE uP JUnKiESs LOve ArtiStic WOrld!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Let's Watch ... ::Hindi Makeover Video..::

Makeover By:

Model - Ms Fizah Nijam

Makeup Artists - Myself (AidReez)
                               Sis Nid (Tatarias)

Outfits By          - Sis Nid (Tatarias)
                               Syara's Requisite
                               Vinoz Henna & Nail Art Parlour

Photographer    - Reez (AidReez)

The video was done by Reez,  himself...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Arabian Makeup Assignment

Date: 12th April 2009

Model : Ms Fizah Nijam
Make-up Artist & Hairdo: Myself
Nail Art Done By : Vino aka vinozhennailart
Outfits From Model's own.. ;)

There are photos which was taken by Reez.. Do check it out..

This was taken from my digital camera.. At last, the day to the arabian makeup has just ended.. Had a great fun.. And totally satisfying results!! ;)
Thanks to everyone whu made this possible!! ;) Luv them all..!!

Being There For My Dear Cousin...

Editing Done By: Mr Ewan (AiDReeZ Fashion Makeover & Photography)

My Dear Cousin & Myself.. I had the honour of Dollin her up on her Big Day!!
I opted for a Simple & Elegant Look for Her Solemnization.

This is the Before picture which I took.. 

On the 5th April 2009, a Special Day for My cousin.. First of all, I would like to congratulate Both my cousin, Nora & her Hubby for trusting me as their Makeup Artist and the Team from AidReeZ.. It was well smooth ceremony & the touche of wonderful surroundings of their Loved Ones.. 

Events Location: Yishun
Makeup Done By: Myself
Photography & Editing Done By: Reez
Logistic By: Syara and E-a

Costume and Outfit By:
Vin'z Henna Artwork and Nail Art Parlour, Syara's Rquisite'z.
Special thanks To Vinz for Her Green Punjabi outfit....A highlight of the event....

Credits To:
AidReeZ Fashion Makeover & Photography
Vinoz Henna Artwork & Nail Art Parlour 

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Punjabi Style Makeup

Well I & My Team, AidReez had a collaboration with Vinozhennanailart.. Vino did the Henna & the nail art whereas i did the makeup & hairdo..
The Wardrobe & the accessories by Vino..
Thanks Fiza who was our Model of The Day!! ;) 
We had fun doin it and it was a success.. There were 4 outfits altogether.. 
For Indian style makeup, i have the eye looked more intense than the everyday wear..
For these, i used the 88 Originals Colors Eyeshadow Palette.. Totalli right on it, very intensify..!!
This is just the glimpse of the photoshoots taken..